Training Body and Mind with KUMDO USA

Training Body and Mind with KUMDO USA

Training Body and Mind with KUMDO USATraining Body and Mind with KUMDO USATraining Body and Mind with KUMDO USA

Self-confidence through self-defense training!

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Certified School from Korea Kumdo Association


We are the only certified school in Maryland, representing the Korea Kumdo Association.

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What is Kumdo?



Historically, swords have been used as a tool for hunting and/or as a weapon for wars throughout ages in different techniques and forms depend on time periods and countries. Yet, these differences are combined into one purpose of training one’s mind and physical body as sports in modern days. Simplified explanation of Kumdo is a sword fighting martial art. Korean ancestors had enjoyed team matches, even in the King’s palace under the name of Bong-Hee (棒戱) or Gyek-Gum(擊劍 – Wooden Sword Fighting). Hwa Rang in Shilla dynasty evidently trained Gyek-Gum as their mandatory requirement, which is explained by the “Bon-Guk-Gum-Bup (本國劍法)”. Along with Bon-Guk-Gum-Bup, we have no doubt that Josun Sebup became the foundation of modern sword fight called Kumdo. As the member of Korea Kumdo Association, KUMDO USA is dedicated to spread the disciplines of true Kumdo spirit in the main stream of the United States.   

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2019 Korean American National Sports Festival Kumdo Tournament in Seattle (6/22/2019)

KUMDO USA state representative team members results:

Individual tournaments:

1st place in Women, Age 40+

3rd place in High School Boys, Age 40+, and Women

Team match:

1st place in High school & age 40+

Congratulations to all winners!

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